Enable Bitlocker locally with no TPM

Over on the r/PowerShell subreddit, user u/3rddegreeofIT asked for assistance with using PowerShell to enable Bitlocker on systems with no TPM. They defined their criteria as: Modifies registry to allow Advanced Startup Modifies registry to allow BitLocker Drive Encryption without TPM Set encryption to AES 256 Require a password on boot Encrypt Used Space Only […]

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Knowing is half the battle Uncategorized

Calling a CM script via the Admin Service

Did you know that you can run a CM script on a client via the admin service? Neither did I until a few days ago. Earlier this week I was checking out the available items from the CM 2006 administration service REST API. I went to the metadata page at https://<provider FQDN>/AdminService/v1.0/$Metadata and started looking […]

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